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Carina Farinaccio is born in Buenos Aires on April 4, 1969. She lives her entire childhood in Buenos Aires studying at the Dominican Sisters’ School La Anunciata. In 1994, she receives a degree in law from the University of Buenos Aires.

She shows a gift for drawing since very young, and her exquisite creativity stands out in her sketchbook: with only 14 years she produces a folder of fashionable designs that will go around the school causing admiration and remembrance in her classmates. This interest persists throughout adolescence.

Music videos from the ’80s produce great admiration on her, and she continues drawing, painting and sketching fashion designs during those years.

Her vocation remains dormant despite working as a lawyer and being successful in this profession.

This love for design leads her in 1998 to pursue a career in fashion design at the school Donato Delego. Two years later she gets her degree with the highest marks possible.

With professional training plus her love for design and great entrepreneurial skills, she  gives form to her project during one of her trips to New York: the year 2010 witnesses her metamorphosis:  the passage from the legal field to the fashion design world with her own brand.

She applies all her creativity to jewelry design as a self-taught designer, embroidering the first pieces with her own hands in the living room at home -never imagining that one day she would have her own atelier.

In those years she produces for the first time one of her emblematic necklaces: the Julia Big, and continues to work with a great production that already has its own identity: Carina Farinaccio takes shape as a luxury brand.

Despite having studied so much throughout her life, she continues improving herself in making bracelets, earrings, headpieces, bridal accessories, etc. She produces handcrafted pieces with high quality elements such as coral, tourmaline, jade of different colors, Czechoslovakian glass, Swarovski crystal, ivory, agate beads, lava pearls, obsidian. Combining valuable materials she creates real masterpieces in an exclusive and limited production.

When creating, art in all its expressions encourages her, but especially the music, which she enjoys as a miracle of life and a source of inspiration when working in her masterpieces.

Rock, theater and mainly the opera, which she enjoys in her country and all around the world, provide energy, color and passion to her work.

Nature is another great source of inspiration. Along with Tomás Waller, her husband and renowned conservationist, she has travelled to wild destinations, such as, the Brazilian Pantanal in Mato Grosso, the coral reefs of Belize, the jungle of Costa Rica, or to Argentina’s most pristine destinations in Patagonia, the tropical domains of the Iberá marshes, the Iguazú Falls, and the Inca landscapes at the provinces of Salta and Jujuy.

Her constant trips around the world nurture her creativity, allowing her to offer more and more wonderful and original designs to her clients who spread from Buenos Aires, Lima and Asunción to Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, Miami and New York.

Her great ability as entrepreneur and her exquisite designs allowed her to have her own showroom now. Starting from a single embroidered piece in her living room at home, now her collections can be seen in several television shows, local fashion shows and magazines.

A piece of Carina Farinaccio reflects, in essence, the spirit of its creator: it stands out in every meeting, it is not unnoticed and it distinguishes the woman who wears it.